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Smart home, new wealth of wealth, 2015-2022 gave birth to a new wealth industry.

Smart home industry, IT information, and modern agriculture are among the top five emerging strategic industries in the country!

China's smart home market in 2010 reached 51 billion yuan, and the market growth rate has exceeded 20% in 2011~2015.

The famous research institute For rester "20 years later, the global market for smart homes will reach trillions, and it will become an industry that completely changes people's lifestyles after the Internet, and is 30 times larger than the Internet industry!"

The support of national policies, the attention of the world's richest man, the pursuit of the media... The market's point is the gold mine of wealth!

According to the statistics of advertising monitoring professionals, “Smart Home, Internet of Things” and “Intelligent Products”, the frequency of these advertisements in CCTV, Jiangsu Satellite TV and Hunan Satellite TV have increased from 10% to 36% in the past three months. Left and right, whether it is industrial business or the media, the attention to smart products continues to heat up.


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