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Dealer mode

The dealer's first purchase amount is less than 20,000 yuan, and there is no limit on the restocking. If there is no agent in the dealer's business area, the dealer price is set and the source of supply is managed by the head office; if there is an agent in the business area, the dealer Price formulation and source partition agent management. The business scope is divided according to the city level. If it is operated across regions, it needs to report to the head office (or directly affiliated agents).

Merchants threshold:The first batch of goods is not less than 20,000 yuan.

Investment scope:not limited.

Investment target:Entrepreneur who is determined to be smart home.

Vendor support:1. Enjoy the discounted unit price of the dealer; 2. Provide free technical training; 3. Provide promotional materials (electronic files and printed materials); 4. Use the Joyrill trademark for free marketing; 5. Receive more than one million items, total The company will send technicians to assist.

二、Agent mode

The authorized agent is based on the municipal level. The agent is responsible for the sales management of the region. If it involves cross-regional business, it needs to report to the head office (in the event of a cross-border phenomenon, the partnership will be terminated immediately). Agents can freely develop dealers in their jurisdictions. Each city-level unit only has one general agent, responsible for all local sales and after-sales services. The customer resources in the region are preferred by the general agent, the head office. Providing technical support and other aspects of support and services, the head office will regularly assess the turnover of regional agents, and agents who fail to meet the assessment requirements will be disqualified.

Merchants threshold: The first batch of goods is not less than 100,000 yuan (depending on the region). There must be a commercial experience hall (office or shop).

Investment scope: The agent that recruits blank areas is divided by city-level units.

Investment target:1. Recognize the marketing concept and intelligent products of Joyrill Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.; 2. Have certain influence in the local industry, mature channels and very personal resources; 3. Have good service awareness and brand investment awareness; 4 Have the ability to set up a full-time sales and service team; 5, have enough funds to invest in the project, the action market, the establishment of the experience hall, etc.; 6, have the determination and courage to do smart home market.

Vendor support:1. Enjoy the preferential unit price of the agent; 2. Enjoy the exclusive city-level general agency right and price protection system; 3. Provide free technical training; 4. Provide promotional materials (electronic files and printed materials); 5. Free use of Joyrill trademark. Marketing; 6, receiving more than one million items, the head office will send technical staff to assist 7, the headquarters to assist in the development of lower-level dealers.

三、ODM mode

Joyrill provides a full range of OEM cooperation mode, with the central control host as the core, the first batch of orders reaches 50 units, you can enjoy ODM unit price and service, we provide you with ios, Android software revision and other services, in the process of service A partial revision fee will be charged. Supporting products, such as lighting controllers, curtain controllers, smart sockets, wireless infrared converters, etc. are all supplied at the agent price (single product with more than 5 items in neutral packaging).

Merchants threshold: The first batch of orders host m9 reached 50 units.

Investment scope:The area is not limited.

Investment target:Have stable customer resources in the industry and be proficient in the consensus of channel operation and promotion

Vendor support:1. The host enjoys the ODM special unit price and other products enjoy the agent's preferential unit price; 2. Provide free technical training; 3. Provide promotional materials (electronic file source files); 4. Provide software revision.

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