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Guangzhou Joyrill Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is an Internet of Things Intelligent Home Co., Ltd. focusing on the research and development, sales and provision of intelligent community, Intelligent Hotel solutions.

Joyrill has gathered a large number of high-tech talents and set up a professional technical team. It has accumulated a lot of technical experience and many years of project experience in wireless communication technology, mobile APP application development, cloud computing and large data analysis in the field of Internet of Things.

Currently, Zhuo has two core products:

1,M9 based central control system based on embedded architecture has comprehensive functions, strong compatibility, security and stability.

2, Homepro intelligent control system, simple and easy to install, user friendly interaction, strong stability.

Joyrill adhering to the "pioneering, innovative, honest, pragmatic" business philosophy, committed to providing domestic and foreign customers with fashionable, convenient, intelligent, energy-saving products, to create an intelligent space for customers.

Under the background of strong support of the 12th Five-Year Plan for the Internet of Things industry, Joyrill has broken through 650 offline agents and distributors after six years of rapid development; online channels are: Alibaba, Tianmao, Jingdong, Weixin public number, official website five platforms, marketing network throughout the country!

Joyrill's full range of products have passed the 3C certification of the national quality certification system, and passed the national high-tech enterprise certification in 2016. In addition, Joyrill has obtained the new practical patent certificate of intelligent switch, the new practical patent certificate of infrared transmission, the new practical patent certificate of intelligent socket and the new practical patent certificate of brightness regulator of switch indicator lamp. 11 software works, such as the new practical patent certificate for the brightness adjusting device of intelligent switch indicator lamp, the new practical patent certificate for the intelligent power off socket, the new practical patent certificate for the intelligent valve controller, etc., as well as the Guangzhou Small Giant Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Innovation, Guangdong Province Respecting the Contract and Keeping the Credit, and the Certificate of Scientific and Technological Achievements The book, the certificate of high-tech products, the certificate of enterprise credit 3A, the certificate of China's green environmental protection products, the key recommended products of China's construction projects, and the national consumer satisfaction enterprises, and many other honorary certificates, research and development strength and product quality have been affirmed by the relevant departments of the state and the vast number of consumers.

Along the way, don't forget your heart. The healthy and high-quality life of users is the greatest pursuit of Joyrill.

In the future, let's look forward to it together.


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