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Looking forward to the future of intelligent household products in the home of the people


With the rapid development of information technology and network technology and people's changes to modern lifestyles, in the near future, the consumption of intelligent home products will gradually enter the lives of ordinary people, just like mobile phone consumption. What should the ordinary people's smart home be like?


Ordinary people smart home application


Wake up in the morning and click “Get Up Mode” with the remote control. When you enjoy the background music, the curtains will open automatically. If you forget to close the window and do not receive clothes, you can close all the doors and windows of the house and close the clothes by dialing a phone call; When the child is doing homework or playing, he can remotely check the situation at home through the mobile phone or computer, so that you can also take care of the child's healthy growth while working in a busy schedule; when the house has an uninvited guest, the alarm at home will sound and be accurate. Tell you the current location of the thief...


These descriptions are not distant fantasy, but a new way of life for smart homes.


High cost performance


Diversified product grades to meet the needs of different consumer groups


The current price of smart home products is high, and some residents' consumption concepts are conservative. As a result, smart home applications are mainly limited to high-end people living in high-end residential quarters and villas. This is also the biggest obstacle to the popularization of smart home market.


Smart home products should pay more attention to the cost performance of products, take the civilian route, and develop various products such as economy, common and high-end according to the different functional levels realized to meet the individual needs of different users. Only in this way can we really drive The development of the smart home industry.


Product features are perfect, system is safe and stable


In addition to basic functions including remote security monitoring, background music, and full-featured three-meter (water, electricity, gas) remote transmission toll collection system, home appliance control, home health care and monitoring, messaging services, and online education, smart homes should also It has special systems such as home office, family program editing and production, anti-electromagnetic radiation alarm, indoor simulation and sanitation microclimate, indoor simulation landscape, fresh air replacement, etc. to meet the higher requirements of different consumer groups for smart home.


Ordinary people's smart home outlook


In fact, from the end of the last century, smart homes have entered China, and the industry has developed for more than a decade. It has changed from boring nouns to various security systems, intercom systems, automatic meter reading systems, fire alarm systems, home theater systems, Lighting and home appliance control systems, home information platforms, information appliances, etc., seem to be gradually maturing in the market, but it seems that it has not yet developed to a certain scale. It seems that there are many problems behind closed doors. In fact, there are many problems inside, which hinder the whole. Further development of the industry in the market.


At present, the problems in the smart home market are: lack of standardized and unified industry standards; the core technology of the industry needs to be broken; the application model needs to be innovated, the reliability of product stability needs to be further improved; the industrial chain is incomplete and the perfect social cooperation system is lacking. Cross-industry cooperation is difficult; market promotion is not enough. This is also the task of the future development of the smart home “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”.


Now, the Internet of Things brings a second life to smart homes. According to Li Li, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Internet of Things", which was led by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will be introduced. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will support the application of demonstration projects in key areas, including smart industry, intelligent agriculture, intelligent logistics, intelligent transportation, smart grid, smart environmental protection, intelligent security, smart medical and smart home, especially in the field of smart home and smart medical. Benefiting the people's livelihood, it can improve the quality of life of the people, and the potential application needs are more urgent, so it is expected to form a large industrial scale.


Under the spur of the triple play trend, active policy guidance, human-computer interaction, and Internet of Things technologies, major manufacturers are gearing up and ready to compete for the big cake in the smart home field.


Through the Internet of Things smart home technology, you can set up a home network system, so that multiple computers can share a broadband line to save money, and realize resource sharing and networked games among computers. You can also set up a home control network to control various actions of information appliances (such as air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, water heaters), as well as other smart devices (such as curtains, door locks, lights...). It can also set up a home monitoring network, monitor and control home security through home monitoring equipment, and even see images of homes and conversations with people in the home through the Internet. It is also possible to set up a home video network, use a video recorder (VCD/DVD/computer) to play programs to watch multiple TV sets, and transfer movies on the broadband network to the TV for viewing. There is also a home audio network, which can send audio signals to various rooms to listen to, or you can send MP3 music on your computer or network to the audio. The most important thing is that you can build a security alarm system. If someone invades the room illegally, or if there is a gas leak or fire, the system will send out an alarm signal by SMS, MMS, and telephone. In the afternoon, the weather will suddenly change. Heavy rain, use the mobile phone to remotely control the window, so that you don't have to go home to face the dilemma of "Water Man Mountain"...


The smart home of the Internet of Things brings us not only convenience and new experience, it has a great influence on energy consumption, urban transportation, intelligent environmental protection, etc., and is even considered by foreign experts to be the market that drives the whole body. With the rapid development and in-depth application of the Internet of Things and smart home technology, the smart home system is developing towards network, information and intelligence, which will usher in a rare development opportunity for manufacturers in the smart home industry.

Ordinary people smart home purchase point of view


With the continuous development of community intelligence, people's current understanding of the concept of smart home is still not thorough enough, which brings great troubles when purchasing products. This article puts forward relevant information and proposes smart home purchase suggestions. I hope readers can refer to them when purchasing products.


1. Energy saving and environmental protection


Based on computer technology and automation technology, the smart home system can also provide multi-faceted services in property management, fire protection, water, electricity, coal and other aspects. At present, many manufacturers say that their smart home products can create an environment that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Can you really save energy? For example, can smart home systems manage power control? If this is not possible, then How to talk about energy saving.


2, remote control


The advantages of digital products are: technology uses embedded technology, hardware features are more powerful, software development is more flexible, the system is more stable, and the standard Ethernet architecture is adopted, and the networking is simpler. It can be used as a smart control center for homes, integrating home appliance control, home security and surveillance, home information terminals and home digital entertainment. Therefore, when purchasing, please check if you can access the smart terminal through the Internet and operate the experience.


3. Is the function integrated?


Smart home is a centralized and unified control of home equipment. The core should be a communication protocol, a system platform, and a solution equivalent to the operating system of the computer. The corresponding specific products, such as security products, monitoring products, lighting control products, multimedia products, etc., can be integrated on this system. Through the communication protocol of the system, the various subsystems are connected to each other, and the information can be interoperated and operated. Can control each other. Nowadays, many of the products on the market are just a simple subsystem equipment product, which is also promoted as a smart home. In fact, it is not correct. This requires consumers and franchisees to make detailed analysis between purchases, and product compatibility is better. Imported brands have accumulated a certain amount of experience in building automation control, compared with national products, it is still a higher grade.


4, the system is simple


Smart home systems, most of which are considered when building decoration design, are carried out simultaneously with home wiring to achieve the same functions. The simpler the system needs to be configured, the higher the system integration and the higher the technical content. The main problems include the number of modules required to achieve the same function; the capacity of the system, that is, the limit of the maximum capacity; the number of devices controlled by the module; the simplicity of the wiring and other issues.


5, superior service


Service is an important factor in the development of all businesses. Therefore, whether it is a digital video intercom or a smart home system, services are indispensable. This service includes pre-sales services and includes after-sales services. After the sale, the user needs to be trained, and a technical return visit is conducted regularly to ask if there is any problem with the product, to provide satisfactory service to the user, and ultimately to win the trust of the user.


Finally, we return to the core topic and choose pragmatically. Whether it is a direct user, a developer, or a property management company, you must first fully understand the needs, then choose the right products, and must not focus on the pursuit of fashionable, advanced, beautiful features and appearance. Because as a home product, stability is overwhelming and practical overwhelming.


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