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Smartphones are becoming more popular, and smart home life is easy to control!


Of course, the most important thing about the smartphone is the operating system, because this is the core. Users can control the curtains, fans, and lights in the home using the iPhone. They can also use the iPhone to control the TV in the home, or even use siri to control the car. As an open source operating system with ios, what can Android control? In fact, Android phones are not bad, iphone can control computers, Android phones can also, iphone can control lights, Android phones can be console lights, of course, Android phones can control Not just these two.


Smartphones are changing our lives. Smartphones are more than just a communication tool, they are becoming the controlling terminals of people's daily lives. When we can “control” our lives, the smart machine is already mastering our lives. I think this is also the security of technology that requires our attention.


Apple co-founder Wo Fatzi said: "We have created too many high-tech products. I think humans have long been unable to compare with machines. We are gradually becoming their pets, their "watchdogs." This ever-changing society, the birth of every new technology means that human beings have once again had a chance to do it because the machine has been replaced.


At present, the application of smart phones is still in its infancy, and its impact on our lives has not yet been highlighted. However, according to the current development trend, its role in people's lives will become more and more important until it becomes impossible for us to get rid of. tool. At that time, a malicious program may make people's lives a mess. A hacker may cause us to lose a lot of property, even personal life safety. If so, we will face the worry of Wo Fatzi.


Now, both IOS and Android have opened the door to innovation for people, accepting developers who dare to innovate and be creative. Inspire their infinite imagination, to innovate and to develop. Developed countless new things to change people's lives and inject more vitality into our smart home life.


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