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“Joyrill Smart Cup” is looking for the Top Ten Smart Home Show Competition!


“JOYRILL Smart Cup” is looking for the Top Ten Smart Home Show Competition! ! Zhuoju Smart has developed hundreds of dealer dealers, and the offline experience hall has also blossomed across the country. In order to showcase the elegance of the Zhuoju Smart Home Experience Hall across the country, the company has set upFifty thousand yuanA huge prize, looking for the top ten smart home showrooms in the country! Dear dealers, please take your pictures.Joyrill Intelligent Experience HallSend it to us!

The winning entries will be in ourOfficial website,The Internet platform such as the WeChat public account will be promoted, and will also be displayed in the experience hall of the Joyrill headquarters experience hall and major agent dealers, and will be awardedTop Ten Smart Exhibition Hall Honorary Plaque

In addition, there are also the best popularity awards, best furnishings awards, best face value awards, and local awards, etc.The details are as follows:

 “Joyrill Smart Cup” is looking for the Top Ten Smart Home Show Competition!
Organizer: Guangzhou Zhuoju Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
activity theme: Looking for the top ten smart home showroom
Participants: All agents, distributors
Location: Within the intelligent experience hall of each agent

Submission time: March 17, 2016 - April 17, 2016

一、Activity form and content


1)Active and up-to-date content that reflects the theme of the Joyrill Smart Home Showroom can be entered.
2)Originality is required, and no plagiarism or plagiarism of others' works or ideas is allowed.
3)You may not use the computer graphics tools to modify the work.

4)The deadline for submission is sent by electronic document to: 12:00 noon on April 17th:joyrill@

5)The shooting area is limited to the Zhuoju offline experience hallThe shooting equipment is not limited, and both color and black and white can be submitted.

6)Photo contentMust take pictures of Zhuoju's LOGO or facade,It can express the beauty of the Smart Experience Hall and the wonders of smart homes;
7)More than four photos are required for the competition;
Guangzhou Joyrill Intelligent Experience Hall

(二)prize settings

The competition will be held: 10 top ten exhibition hall awards; and one first prize will be selected from them. 2 second prize, 3 third prizes;

First Prize Prize: 5 sets of intelligent central control M9 host + one certificate of honorary award (market price 18,000 yuan);
Second prize: 30 intelligent switch panel controllers + one certificate of honor (market price 12,900 yuan);
Third prize: 10 smart switch panel controllers + one certificate of honor (market price 4300 yuan);

Finalist prizes: 5 smart gateways + one award certificate;

(三)Work rating

Total score = WeChat public platform vote (40%) + agent dealer internal vote (60%)

At that time, we will launch a vote on the WeChat public platform, and welcome all agents to actively canvass!

For details, please scan the following QR code to pay attention to Zhuoju public micro-signal, consult online customer service.


copyright (c) Guangzhou Joyrill Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. 

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